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$10/hr - $15/hr · Full Time · San Francisco · H.R. · Recruiting · Human Resources · Talent Acquisition · Career Counselling

Skills Assesment:

For higher paying jobs, we offer online skills simulations and assessments so you can see candidates in action before hiring them.

In person interview:

We meet all of workers in person, so you can be sure they are reliable and qualified to work at your company!

Tailored Workforce:

Rating and matching system ensures the best workers get your jobs.

Rate your workers:

Our algorithm learns based on your feedback

Instant Dispatch:

Placement times cut from days to minutes with our one click hire.

Post and Fill Jobs 24/7:

No middle man here,  Jobs go directly to our workforce.  

Full Covered:

Let us handle the insurance and payroll hassle.

Our screened W-2 workers give you the flexibility of an on-demand workforce without 1099 liability exposure.

We handle all the Payroll and compliance for our workers.

GPS clock in:

Employees clock in on their phones with GPS at the beginning and end of jobs

Easy Timesheet Review:

Review worker timesheets quickly by checking their clock-in locations 

Wage Analytics:

Optimize hourly rate and shift length for job fulfillment with quality workers.

Operational efficiency:

Precise labor costs and worker turnover statistics help you optimize your operation and catch inefficiencies.

BlueCrew is the future of flexible work!

 GArrelL F. – Team leader

When it comes to consistency and flexibility there's no better option, plus the platform allows you to try out all sorts of jobs so its a win win.

Aaron S. – Team leader

I have enjoyed working with Blue Crew for the past several months. I appreciate the ability to sign up for work based on my schedule, on any given week. The real time text notifications of available jobs and ease with which I can lock in an assignment saves time on my end.

Sonya R. – Team Member

I just wanted to say the i love BlueCrew it has been a wonderful experience working for them the staff are marvelous .. i love the fact that you work and its flexible and work with you ,not against u ..i love earning points towards bettering my self an my career thank u guys and gals are amazing ☆☆☆☆☆

Josh R. – Team Leader

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Work as much or as little as you want. 

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BlueCrew sends you reminders and directions to the job site when you have upcoming jobs. 

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